Meth P Lab Decontamination Auckland Services

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With over 35 years of meth, mould, germ and viral disinfecting Auckland services, we can quickly and effectively decontaminate your home. Indeed, P lab properties generally have the most significant toxic problem after meth cooking. Also, P lab decontamination is required if the test exceeds the New Zealand guidelines of 1.5/100 cm in South Auckland, North Shore, East and West Auckland.

Without a doubt, the chemicals used for cooking are mostly cancer-causing. Therefore, this toxicity soaks into surfaces, including painted jobs. Indeed, Steam n Dry Meth Removal Auckland Services use hot steam extraction to cleanse that toxic chemical. Thus, we use 80°C hot steam and big truck mount units. So, carpet drying and cleaning, meth p lab, and flood drying services are well done. Furthermore, to comply with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards. So That is why disinfection service in Auckland is essential.

Therefore, we at Steam n Dry Meth Removal Auckland Services can eliminate those toxins. Then, removing the meth-cooking chemical residues below the New Zealand guidelines. In fact, not only do we decontaminate, but we clean with a full guarantee.

Meth And Mould Disinfecting Auckland Services

  • First, P Meth Decontamination
  • Second, Disinfecting Clean
  • Third, Carpet Cleaning
  • Fourth, Mould Cleanup
  • And Pet Odour Removal
  • Also, Couch Cleaning
  • Then, Stain Removal
  • Next, Meth P Testing
  • Lastly, Mattress Cleaning

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Meth P Lab Decontamination Auckland Leaders

Generally, Steam n Dry Meth Removal Auckland Services were the first to offer a full guarantee in Auckland, New Zealand. Indeed, we continue to set this as a benchmark with high IICRC international standards. As a result, the consumer can hold the service firm accountable.

Of course, we offer a very experienced team and the best cleaning equipment. Furthermore, Steam n Dry Meth Removal Auckland Services provides our P cleanups using the best products available in New Zealand. Perhaps, in some low meth P levels, we can decontaminate curtains and carpet cleaning with our big truck-mounted units in South Auckland, North Shore, and East and West Auckland.

Meth P Lab Cleaning And Decontamination Job Results

Subsequently, test results from two of our recently completed p lab dwellings, with the power of our Steam n Dry Meth Removal Auckland Services: Truck-Mounted Extraction and Crystal Decon Clean.


Independent P Lab Test LocationOriginal P Lab Level μg/100 cm2First Decontamination  P Lab  Level Results in μg/100 cm2Re-Decontamination  P Lab test Resultsμg/100 cm2Final Decontamination  P Lab Test Results in μg/100 cm2
Kitchen 1830.05
Sink Room290.05
Ceiling Beam4,20015.51.220.15
Workshop Floor480.30
Workshop Door220200.990.50
Mezzanine Wall3902.50.05



P Lab Test Test Location

Original P Lab Test Level   /100 cm2First Decontamination P Lab Test Results from μg/100 cm2Re-Decontamination P Lab Test Results from μg/100 cm2
Bedroom 129ND
Bedroom 28.0ND
Bedroom 313.61.860.10
Garage 18811.770.47
Garage 21411.550.17

Therefore, please email your test report with relevant information or call 0800 783 266.



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