Meth P News | January 2017

Indeed, a happy new year to all. I hope everyone had some quality time off. Here is some meth-p news for you to read about meth.

meth p news

Auckland appears to be the only local Council retaining the 0.5 ug/100 cm safety guidelines (MAF) from our feedback and inquiries. All other regions have adopted the new Ministry of Health recommendations. Also, setting a limit of contamination at:

  • 0.5 μg/100 cm2 manufacturing/lab
  • 1.5 μg/100 cm2 carpeted properties
  • 2 μg/100 cm2 non-carpeted properties

Since our last newsletter, we are pleased to let you know we received retest results from the manufacturing lab job – 4,200 ug/100 cm2, and we received the all-clear. Also, a reminder that there was only minimal porous disposal. This is the power of our modified powerful Truck Mount Extraction and Crystal Decon P Clean.


Recently, up to 40% of houses tested positive for meth information retrieved via the National Drug Intelligence Bureau tells us that the number of methamphetamine labs increases yearly. For example:

  • More than 50% of properties reside in full time
  • 33% of residences had children living in them
  • The public discovers that 22% of meth-p labs
  • Firearms and weapons found in 23% of labs

Of course, P lab demographics are not what landlords expect, with recorded offenders 63% European and 55% aged 31-45 years old.

Although these figures show trends, it is estimated that these statistics indicate -20% of the actual offending taking place.

Meth P News | December 2016

Hi everyone,

As we welcome in summer and the close of 2016, we also hold some news from our recent remediations.

We have recently had three large gang-affiliated manufacturing properties. They have left drugs in light bulbs, their pipes in barbecue kits, and painted over walls up to 100 times after each cook. Also, we have turned up in the mornings with locks broken off and garage doors smashed in. Furthermore, even the gang members are searching and digging around these properties.

Of course, we have advised the police to keep an eye out as they want to catch these guys. Therefore, they have also done several property drives, announcing to ‘talk’ with our technicians.

Interestingly, we have nearly completed a dwelling of 4,200 ugs with only minimal porous disposal. This is indeed the power of our Truck-Mounted Steam Extraction and Crystal Decon clean.

Table 1

Office 129 2.5 0.92
Kitchen 1 83 0.05
Sink Room 29 0.05
Mezzanine 31 9.4 1.48
Ceiling Beam 4,200 15.5 1.22
Workshop Floor 48 0.30
Workshop Door 220 20 0.99
Mezzanine Wall 390 2.5 0.05
Entrance 47 10.1 0.09


Thus, we are currently waiting for the new results from the proprietor.

With new proposed guidelines coming into effect soon, it is worth reminding not all councils have adopted these guidelines. Similarly, this includes Auckland, and many think their house is under the limits when it is still, in fact, over.

Those of you recommending us, we thank you for doing so and appreciate this greatly. Indeed, we always recommend the original test company sign off tests.

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Take care!


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