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  • 27 years osh and indoor air quality environmental experience
  • Over 7 years of P lab assessment and decontamination experience
  • 2001 "IICRC Master Restoration Technician"
  • Meth P Cleaning and Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry are the leading provider of toxic P meth, mold, bio, soot and odour decontamination and remediation services for contents, structures and air sanitising
  • Meth P Cleaning and Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry can save clients up to 65% of remediation costs
  • As Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Sick Building Syndrome contamination issues threaten the health of people in Auckland, Hamilton, Waikato, Whangarei and Northland, Meth P Cleaning and Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry are leading the way in delivering safe, effective, and affordable clean up solutions
  • In most cases, Meth P Cleaning and Auckland Steam ‘n’ Dry recommended plan with superior cleaning capacity and crystal clean eliminates allot of unnecessary costly replacement work.

Mould Remediation

NZ Steam n Dry are experts in mould remediation; mould damage cleaning and restoration, with our specialized team.

Our mould removal is to IICRC mould remediationworld standards.

Professional Mould Removal Service to eliminate Health Problems and The Spread Of Mould Contamination

Mould contamination in one’s home or work environment is an emergency, and therefore NZ Steam n Dry provide a 24/7 service.

Mould Removal Methods:

1. Mould Damage Assessment. NZ Steam n Dry firstly, provide a questionnaire, together with photos, to best gauge weather a site visit and assessment is required. This do moisture, also, mould testing, therefore, be able to offer the best mould remediation method for your scenario.

2. Mould Remedial Work Scope. At this stage NZ Steam n Dry can give you outlines of costs, such as, the time required for the  the mould remediation and  restoration. Based on the above assessment, we provide you with the best value mould damage clean up, which can be, polyphospate cleaning, fogging, drying, ozone. In some cases making perforation holes in jib or jib removal to get to  any effected structure.  We can provide detailed assessments, therefore, the mould restoration process outlines to your insurance company to support any claims.

3. Moisture or Damp Issues. We will prevent the water damage cause, so, dry the dampness that maybe causing the mould growth using moisture meter testing. The cause maybe from leaking pipes, roof, or drainage problems. It could be ventilation issues from  sub floor. We also specialise in water damage restoration including; large commercial dehumidifiers, turbo air movers, carpet dryers, dry carpet, structural building drying, and we are also insurance company approved.

4. Mould Damage Management.

If needed, we seal off the source areas to prevent the spread of mold contamination during the mold removal works.

5. Remove Mould Odour Contamination. We do mould damage restoration work based on the level of contamination. Some minor mould problems can be fixed using the correct mold removal, and ,cleaning methods. Comparatively, other more serious mould damage contamination, may need to have some surface replacements. Furthermore, for mould odour removal, we use ozone generators, UV lights and fogging options.

6. Drying. NZ Steam n Dry provide complete flood water damage restoration.  Including; large commercial dehumidifiers, carpet dryers, turbo air movers, drying carpet, structural drying and injector drying – insurance company approved.

7. Structural Building Restoration. From demolition work through to restoration. We have our own builder contractors for replacing jib linings and painting.  NZ Steam n Dry do all types of water damaged walls, ceilings, also, sub flooring issues. With a network of expert trade peoples that specialize in water damage building repairs.

8. Survey Report. We give work survey reports for your information, likewise for insurance claims, to help a fast settlement process. We are insurance company approved, working with insurance assessors, or loss adjusters as required.

Graeme Stephens, an IICRC certified – 2001 Master Restoration Technician. For the expert mould remediation service, phone 0800 110 282 , or email us at NZ Steam n Dry.

Mould Removal Methods

Mould issues may not always be visible. If you have health problems, suspicions, or have seen water dampness; this may therefore, be the start of mould contamination around your work or house. Contact NZ Steam n Dry as soon as possible before the mould spreads. As with secondary mould contamination damages or health problems occur, at costs.

This mould remedial information is provided by Graeme Stephen; an IICRC certified – 2001 Master Restoration Technician.

In any event, call us to help you make an informed decision for your mould removal, cleaning, and repairs.

Either phone 0800 110 282 , or email us NZ Steam n Dry.

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